Bud Steed - Founder - Co-Director

My name is Bud Steed and I am a photographer and writer from the Springfield Missouri area. My interest in the paranormal developed at an early age; most significantly and most powerfully when my maternal grandmother, who raised me, passed away while I was 10 years old. I remember I was sitting in class and I just had an overwhelming feeling of sadness come over me and I knew right then that she had passed. I was, of course visibly upset and told my teacher that I had to go home, that grandma had just died. She gave me the strangest look and tried to get me to calm down. A few moments later the principal showed up at class with my grandpa who took one look at me and knew that I already knew. Needless to say, when I returned to school after the funeral the teacher took a bit to warm back up to me and the rest of the kids were a bit standoffish, but eventually things returned to normal. Things of that nature continued my entire life; me knowing things that I shouldn’t and having no way to explain it. Am I psychic? No, not at all; I simply seem to be “sensitive” for lack of a better word, to things that I can’t see. When my oldest daughter passed away in a car accident 9 days before her 17th birthday, things started to get more pronounced. That’s when I decided to really start researching the paranormal, concentrating exclusively on spirits, both good and bad, and life after death. I have had some interesting experiences since my decision and my involvement with TOPS has expanded my investigative and research capabilities and exposed me to a wide variety of learning situations that I might not have been able to experience otherwise. With so many paranormal groups “springing up” due to the proliferation of reality shows and everyone looking for the next thrill ride or TV deal, I was extremely blessed to have made contact with TOPS. Dave Harkins and the entire TOPS team are dedicated to helping people understand, deal with and get relief from paranormal occurrences and to help people once again feel safe in their own homes.

Contact Bud: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dave Harkins - Founder - Co-Director

A published writer and accomplished researcher, Dave Harkins brings his love of lost legends, history and the supernatural to almost every aspect of his life. After moving from Fresno California back in the early 1980's to the Ozark Mountains of south-central Missouri Dave immediately fell in love with not only the mountains themselves, but the strange tales that shrouded them in mystery and legend. Tales of lost mines, buried treasure, ghosts and cryptids were shared with him over the years by Ozarks natives and helped to form his ever growing interest in researching the truth behind those stories.

Forming the group, The Ozarks Paranormal Society, and later on co-founding the group, Lost Legends Research and Investigation, Dave devotes most of his free time into searching for answers as to whether life really continues after death and to finding the truth behind the stories of various Ozarks legends.

According to Dave, “There is always a little bit of truth behind every ghost story or legend. The key is researching the story, finding the historical connections to it and proving that there really was a basis for the origin of the tale. That’s what makes it so interesting and drives me forward.”

His research has led to the authorship of “Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks” published by the History Press as part of its Haunted America series; that book was later reviewed and accepted for inclusion into the Library of Congress based on its collected folklore and historical content.

In addition to researching and investigating both legends and the unexplained across the United States, Dave has been featured on radio, print and most notably he and the Ozarks Paranormal Society were featured on the Travel Channel show “Legends of the Ozarks” investigating the activity at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Missouri. The show is still aired on a regular basis on The Travel Channel. Dave will also be featured on an upcoming Travel channel Show about the Mark Twain National Forest later in2016. Dave is also a Team Manager for the world renouned TAPS Family. TAPS stands for "The Atlantic Paranormal Society". The TAPS group is based out of Rhode Island and has been investigating the paranormal for many years before starting the popular "Ghost Hunters" television show on the SyFy network.

Dave has also extended his quest for answers to both Europe and India; the quest never stops for Dave Harkins, at least as long as there are answers to be had.

Contact Dave: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.