Ghost Cams

Click on any of the below to see an active ghost cam - maybe you can spot a ghost!!  These sites open in a new browser window!


Willard Hall Basement Room Cam

Willard Hall Children's Room Cam

Willard Library Ghostcams

willard hall basement room Web Cam image Willard hall childrens room Web Cam image Willard library Web Cam image
Proof or spoof report your findings of the basement room cam. The most frequent encounters with the legendary Lady in Grey happens here. One day, we may find out who is haunting the Willard Library.
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Lockness Cams

Leprechaun Watch

The Knickerbocker Hotel

 lockness Live ghost Web Cams image the leprechaun watch Live ghost Web Cams image the knickerbocker Web Cam image
Can you spot Nessy on the cams - 2 cams 1 on the lock the other on the castle. Webcam in hidden location. The watch is very popular and been extended due to demand. The Knickerbocker has a long history of paranormal activity 4 cams to view.
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Lincoln Ghostcam

Radio Cambs Studio 1A

A55 Highway Dobshill

lincoln ghostcam Live ghost Web Cams image radio cambs studio 1a Web Cams image ufo highway Live ghost Web Cams image
Old Radion Buildings was used as a cinema one of the rumours is of an Ice-cream Lady. Some presenters have heard strange voices, some have seen apparitions. Several sightings of UFOs and reports of other paranormal activity nearby.
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Ordsall Hall Ghostcam

Gettysburg Battlecam

Furman Theatre Cam

ordsall hall Live ghost Web Cams image gettysburg battlecam Live ghost Web Cams image furman theatre Cams image
Resident spirits often spotted in the Great Hall including the mysterious White Lady. Location Seminary Ridge overlooking McPherson's wood where 1st days battle began. You might well see classes, rehearsals, scenic construction or performances.
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USS Lexington Ghostcam

DDDavid's Ghost Cams

Craig Y Nos Castle Webcams

uss lexington ghostcam image craig y nos castle webcam image
The engine room the location where the spectre is most often sighted. Cool Cams! Former home of opera diva Adelina Patti, once a TB Hospital, refuge for sick children.
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Bermuda UFO Cam

CFHT (Hawaii) UFO Cam

Doll House Cam

bermuda ufo cam image cfht hawaii ufo cam image Doll House Cams
The Bermuda Triangle Legends have made this area popular for UFO enthusiasts. The observatory is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, a 4200 meter, dormant volcano. Set in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania is a little known secret.
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